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Newsletter November 2014

The journey from Gratitude to Interconnectedness


Dear friends,

Group photo with Pir Zia and Karma Lekshe

It is hard to believe that we are entering into the winter months after such a wonderful summer. We in the camp team have taken some time to reflect on our experiences and are very grateful to all the participants, staff, teachers, donors and those of you who helped us make the camp such a success. We have included some of the highlights from the summer on our website. We have a blog from Masoom Ansari from the Hope Project, and a beautiful book of photos from the last week of camp created by Michael Stillwater. Michael also shared a process called the "honouring ceremony" where he spontaneously created songs with participants and you can listen to those on our website as well.

We are in the last stages of doing our financial accounting and it looks like we will break even! We will share the final figures with you at the end of the year. This means that we still have a strong reserve as we go into the next year, which for those of you who don't know will be in Ticino again.
Dates for Camp 2015 are Monday 20th July to Saturday 15th August.

camp view with circle

We are also delighted to say that our carbon neutral project went very well, and we made connections with some great people who we know will help us to make the camp more environmentally sustainable. We had some good and heated debates in trying to work out the best way to achieve a carbon neutral status and this has brought clarity about where to invest funds. We will share news about this as soon as it is done.

The theme of gratitude has allowed us to become more open, heal, feel the joy of being a vibrant and strong community and revel in the beauty of the meadow, which has been our home for so many years. Under the leadership of Pir Zia, we carry on learning many lessons on how we can improve the camp and this involves looking at everything, from our ways of working (including our governance structure), to refreshing the programme, how we become more transparent and how we keep the spirit of the camp while considering the best location for all within our community.

We really appreciate all the feedback we have received and hope you will carry on sending us your thoughts. Please email us at


Our sense of gratitude is a perfect way of moving into our theme for next summer, which is interconnectedness, and to inspire us we are sharing a prayer that was written by the young adults during their retreat. It is a reminder of the interconnectedness that we can feel when we truly allow ourselves to open to the unity behind all things, to open to the One.

With love,
The Zenith team








dear beloved
thank you for being here
thank you for holding us
kissing us hugging us
being us and more
thank you for showing us
thank you for guiding us
thank you for your emptiness
allowing us to rest
sorry for not trusting you
sorry for not meeting you
the way you would have liked
sorry for pushing sorry for not
being patient sorry for not
waiting for you to be there
sorry for trying to know what to do

please help us please offer
us strength and peace
please let us be gentle like
you please dream us
please free us that we
may live in tune please
lift us please ground us
please stretch us wide open
that we may hear thy voice
please please please
let us go out into the world and see
your love in the people we meet
like a pillar of light
from the feet to the skull
let us invite it and bring
it out of others who are also
ourselves, who are also you.
please let us remember to remember

hello beloved

hello, be loved!