Zenith Summer Camp
     23rd July – 18th August 2018
             Music for the Soul

Work camp: 20th June – 21st July 2018

23rd – 28th Juli 2018
Pir Zia Inayat Khan
Ophiel and Madhu Van Leer
Silent Group Retreat with Munir Voss and  Malik Hirschberg

30th Juli – 4th August 2018
Silent Group Retreat with Pir Zia Inayat Khan

6th – 11th August 2018
Atum and Emmanuel O’Kane
Fatimabi Monika Grieger
Mehmet and Ali Ungan
Silent Group Retreat - Saki Lee

13th – 18th August 2018
Nigel Wali Hamilton and  Himayat Inayati
Young adults camp with  Deepa Gulrukh Patel with Jacob Ellenberg
Silent Group Retreat with Munir Voss

Take down: 18th August – approx. 4th September 2018

Welcome to the Zenith Sufi Summer Camp!

Dear Seeker,

Welcome to the Zenith Summer Camp, where your fellow seekers from around the world have been gathering for nearly 30 years, to learn, share, and participate in our life’s journey.

Here in this Alpine meadow of Ticino, we create a sacred space that allows you to drink deeply of nature’s beauty and power, and inwardly tread the path that leads to the soul’s awakening. You can dive deep into your inner life and — through spiritual practices, silence, prayer, music, and dialogue — reconnect with your timeless essence.

Our programme is rooted in the teachings of the Inayati Order, a Sufi path of spiritual liberty. 

During Zenith’s four weeks of programming, you will find an abundant offering of workshops and retreats. You have the option of taking part in seminars or doing a guided individual or group retreat in our very special silent retreat area. We have a wonderful camp for children—and offer special workshops for teenagers and young adults — so you can come as a family. You can stay for one week or four.

You can experience Camp’s magic before and after the four weeks of the programming, during the work camp and the takedown sessions. The work camp starts in June when there is nothing more in this setting than the mountains, the trees, the astounding flora, and the animals. A group of people of all ages, and different skills, gathers to build the structures and spaces where we learn, laugh, discuss, meditate, and eat. Alongside the physical work, we engage in spiritual practice and the cultivation of community.

At the end of Camp’s main session, another group gathers to dismantle everything that was built and return the land to its original state.

Do come and join us! You can come to participate, retreat in silence, build, take down, or just visit. In joining together, may we all be strengthened and inspired to discover the spiritual liberty that exists in us through our connection to the Divine. As camp founder Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan says, “Freedom gives infinite power, it can move mountains.” 

If you are interested in learning more about the Inayati Order please visit their website: inayatiorder.org