Children’s Camp

The Children’s Camp runs in parallel with Camp’s main programmes during the entire four-week session and has sessions in both the morning and the afternoon.

This programme allows children to explore and to unfold themselves in a safe environment. The staff guides and develops a special programme where the childrensing, play, dance and do creative projects together. The childcare arrangement allows parents to attend the main programme in the morning and in the afternoon.

For both families and their children, the Children’s Camp has a greater significance than simply being a day-care centre: It gives children the opportunity to experience community and to be part of the spiritual family that coalesces at Camp.


  • Children who attend are required to be at least three years old and must agree to stay in the Children’s Camp during sessions.
  • We also welcome children under three years old if an adult accompanies them.
  • Parents and children have to be able to be separated from each other for a time.
  • Please remember that you are responsible for your child, and if necessary you might have to skip programs to take care of them.
  • It is important to bring a variety of supplies: rubber boots, rain clothes, a warm sweater, a bathing suit, and sun cream are all essential. Since there are no laundry facilities at Camp, please bring several changes of clothes.
  • See Registration page for details about pricing.