Harmony Moves

Creative Imagination in Body and Soul with Zuleikha
Week 4A  August 13th–18th 2018

“Paradise is pictured by every teacher as a place where there is music and dance. Music itself is dance”

Hazrat Inayat Khan

Dance serves as a vehicle to “let go” and enter the wilderness of the spirit.

Explore the open world of feeling through movement with International performer, educator Zuleikha. Using world music, chant, and poetry, a spacious atmosphere becomes an invitation to commune with one’s innermost feelings.

Zuleikha’s BodyListening© – a floor-based movement awareness practice, Creative Imagination through Movement – an invitation to inspiration, and Into the Gratitude Zone – an opportunity to “dance your heart out” are examples of the doorways to Creativity offered by Zuleikha for the summer programme.

When the spirit moves inside you, there is an opening for new insight. Inhabit the body you are. Everyone welcome – those who are well and those who are healing.

For this program a supplement of CHF 85 or € 75 is to be added to the “base price”


Zuleikha is an inspired international performer, movement artist, and educator. Her innovative Take a Minute™ Everyday Self-Care Exercises and BodyListening© Movement Arts draw on movement, breath, and rhythm to integrate heart and mind, body and spirit. Founder/Director of the nonprofit organization The Storydancer Project, Zuleikha works worldwide to bring greater health, resilience and joy to girls, women, children, and families who face challenging life circumstances.

Zuleikha is renowned for her “Storydance” performances and for creative collaborations celebrating the poetry of Rumi. She is the recipient of humanitarian awards for her work in the world promoting positive personal and social change.