Healing through Sound, Motion and Music

Week 1B July 23rd–28th 2018
Seminar with Maarten Ophiel & Madhu Van Leer

Join us for a week where the subtle qualities of sound and life-giving energy and their impact on our being will be our main focus. All are welcome, regardless of prior experience in singing or Qi Gong.

Part of the day will be in retreat atmosphere with silence, guided meditation, Qi Gong practice and mantric singing, exploring the realms of consciousness that are effected by mantric repetition of sacred phrases.

Practices with breath and voice allow us to experience ourselves in new ways. Intoning our voices together can expand our individual sense to wider horizons, where our own heart can be felt as a loving and healing space.

We sing freely and intuitively, or we enjoy mingling our voices in multipart songs. In our exploration of sound we will include the overtones that can be found in our own voice.

In motion we discover the flow of life energy, the “Qi”, which nourishes the cells of our body and clears the mind. In stillness we are able to open our hearts more deeply for life and healing within and without. Thus, we experience unity: of body, mind and soul and with all life.

Maarten Ophiel van Leer

Maarten Ophiel van Leer is a conductor, singer and music teacher with many years of experience in the fields of music and meditation.

In the Zenith Camp he was inspired to this work by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, with whom he prepared the performance of Bach’s b-minor mass in Disentis in 1995, after which many other concerts would follow, including Dachau, Paris, Frankfurt and Jerusalem. Ophiel has a gentle way of including both the experienced and the inexperienced singers in his classes on choral music, improvisation, overtone singing and musical meditation.

Madhu Gierse-van Leer

Madhu Gierse-van Leer (sufi name Sangita) is a professional healing practitioner and craniosacral therapist. She has been a pupil of Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan since the 70s and is active within the Inayati Healing Order since many years.

Sangita was trained as a Qi Gong therapist at the Tian Gong Institute in Berlin. Singing has been her delight during most of her life.

Ophiel and Sangita lead together the spiritual choir ‘Singphony’ in Frankfurt and recently co-founded the association ‘Music for Peace and mutual understanding‘ in Germany. They live together near Wiesbaden, where they concentrate on music and healing.