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Dear Friends,

My name is Latif Christian Schuerings and I live in Germany.

I have been coming to the Zenith Camp nearly every summer since I was one year old and as a toddler really enjoyed being with children and adults from around the world. During difficult times in my life, the prospect of going to Camp in the summer gave me enormous comfort. When I turned 15, I began working in the children´s tent and the kitchen; my responsibilities that summer marked the transition of slowly maturing into adult life. For eight years now, I have been taking part in the Young Adults seminar and now community; we have become a thriving and caring community and we support each other in our journeys -- the energy of this community restores me and helps me to live my daily life.

One of my life’s greatest treasures has come from Camp: making extraordinary friends and gathering with them every year. I gain deep spiritual sustenance here, and I have seen how we are all nourished by the beauty we collectively create. The Zenith community is a source of transformation on a personal, communal, and global level. Camp is a place of peace, a way to connect to other people and to nature, and a source of healing for the world.

Having experienced the power of this sacred space, a few friends and I decided to create a video about the Camp to give people a glimpse of what life is like here.We collaborated with the teenagers who shot and cut the film and Leon, our tent master, who composed the music. I edited the video with Immanuel, who has also been coming to the camp since he was a young boy.

You can watch the video here.

Young Adults 2015

Everyone makes contributions in different ways to Camp. If you can afford to make a donation, Deepa Gulrukh and the team are raising a fund to support specific projects and improvements.

I hope that you will consider donating. This would help make the Camp even more special in the years to come. Below, you will find a list of things that are needed and you are also welcome to contribute in whichever way you are called to do.

Thank you very much.


Latif Schuerings

Help Us Develop the Camp

Our current building materials and supplies have given us many years of valuable service. Yet the wear and tear is showing, and it’s now necessary for us to start replacing some items, including the yellow floorboards of our main workshop tents as well as our plastic bowls, cups, and plates. We would like to do this in an environmentally friendly way. In addition, we are researching the purchase of a new sound system for the big meditation tent, which will greatly improve the experience of the workshops that take place there. And we are hoping to replace a variety of other smaller things.

It is of primary importance to our community that we can continue to give financial assistance to young adults, people on low income, and families, so that they can attend Camp.

This funding campaign was inspired and set up through the work of our young adults. It has been a great joy to see how our young adults group has grown bigger and bigger over the last seven years, and we are grateful that for the last few years, our Youth Fund has allowed us to help about ten young adults to come each summer. This year we would like to double that number.

We also have a Participant Fund that allowed us to help 12 people attend Camp last year, by providing a partial scholarship.

The types of things that we are fundraising for are: Yellow boards, laths and posts for the tents , the Participant Fund, Youth Fund, a hot water machine for the carwash (dish washing tent), repair of the white bus, a Kärcher high pressure cleaner to clean the tent walls, Green machines for building tents, Office equipment and a new Website!

We are looking to raise a total of €25,273

You can donate via Paypal.

Thank you so much for your donation.

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