Those working with us in the summer, set the tone and are the heartbeat of the camp. The fun, love, cooperation and harmony that we share become contagious to all.


Work Camp 2018   June 19th – July 21th

For more than twenty years, at an altitude of four thousand six hundred feet (1400 m) in the Ticino Alps, we build our meditation camp each summer with a group of about 25 volunteers. 

If you're interested in spirituality, feel like doing physical work in a group and love participating in the group process, this is a wonderful place to grow and be part of a community. 
We eat, work, sing, walk, talk and share, have sauna, dance, laugh, meditate and celebrate with each other. Whether you are young or old, man or woman, handyman or not, everyone is welcome!

Take Down 2018  August 18th – approx. September 4th

After the abundance of experiences in the Camp, it is a very nice process to deconstruct, pack and store everything, and leave the place to the true natives, the mountains, meadows, and cows.

More about the Work Camp and Take Down...


Working on Staff or Work Study Program 2018   July 21th - August 18th

To work during Camp means to come, together with a crew, take care of about 150-300 guests: to help with cooking, cleaning and serving, to attend to the tea-kitchen and the dish-washing facilities, to tend to the needs of the retreatants, to take care of the children, to run the bookshop and the sound- and recording system, to welcome the arriving guests, to register them and help them with their questions, to drive the bus and in general to look after the running of all that has been built in the previous weeks.

You have two possibilities to participate in the work during the camp:

- as a part-time worker in the work study program...

- or full-time by being a member of the staff... 



Helping in the work camp, on staff during Camp and the work study program requires you to apply in advance! Please don’t come without our prior approval, and send us your applications AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, especially if you want to help in the work camp. You 'll find the application form here on our web site, and if you have more questions, you can contact Latifa: staff@zenithinstitute.com

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