Saturday 21 July - Saturday 18 August 2018

Those, working with us in the summer, set the tone and are the heartbeat of the camp. The fun, love, cooperation and harmony that we share becomes contagious to all.

To help as a volunteer during Camp means to take care of about 150-300 guests: to help with cooking, cleaning and serving, to help with the dish-washing facilities, to tend to toilets and washing facilities, to take care of the children and in general to look after the running of all that is necessary to keep the camp and the programs running.

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Participating in the work study programme: part-time work

If it is your primary focus to follow the programme and money is tight, participating in the work study programme allows you to attend most or the whole seminars and at the same time help with the running of the Camp.

The following guidelines apply for the work study programme:

• Helpers in the work study program work 3-4 hours per day. They work in a crew together with one or several staff members who coordinate and lead the group. The rest of the time you are completely free to participate in the programmes.

• You pay half of the regular fee.

Early bird price:       CHF 271 // € 249
Price after 1st May: CHF 301 // € 277

 If the seminar of your choice has a supplement, half of this will apply also. 

• The minimum time of participation in the work study program is one week.

• Our working week starts Sunday morning and ends Saturday evening. All work study helpers meet on the Saturday before the week starts at 19:00 (7:00 pm) in the general Staff-meeting (workshop tent, immediately after dinner). It is important that you are there, work starts on Sunday morning!
Please show up to register in the secretariat as soon as you arrive at Camp!

• Depending on your work area, we will have another meeting in your work group and create a work schedule for the week. It is essential for the smooth running of the camp that you follow this schedule and your job on time and with care.

• Participants in the Work-study programme will meet regularly within their work group and as participants will be part of the support groups that are formed in the seminars.

To be part of the work camp, on staff during Camp and for the work study program you have to apply in advance! Please don’t come without our prior approval, and send us your applications AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, especially if you want to help in the work camp. You 'll find the application form here on our web site, and if you have any more questions, you can contact Latifa:

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