The dates for the Summercamp 2016:
Monday 25th of July - Saturday 20th of August 2016.

 The program for 2016 will be announced soon.


Welcome to the Zenith Sufi Summer Camp

For over 25 years the​  mountains of Ticino have become a place where seekers of the Truth, of all faiths and none​ have come ​to dive into the eternal ​questions of our lives​ of who am I and what am I doing? It is a place that allows us to step away from our everyday life and step towards the power of possibility. Each summer, we ​create​ an open and intimate space that enables one to ​remove the veils, which cover our hearts dreams and desires. The teachers and guides work in unity with the peaceful majestic beauty of the mountains and mother nature offering workshops and retreats that embody the divine qualities of meditation, silence, community, movement, and music.

The Camp is hosted by the Sufi Order International (SOI) and many who come are initiates or mureeds (students) of the Order, many others come as well and all lovers and seekers of truth and beauty are welcome.

Each summer for the past 27 years, a group of people of all ages, and with different skills gathers to build the camp. They prepare the space for the four week program, share in spiritual practice and live together in a tight community.

The program is lead by the president of the Sufi Order, Pir Zia Inayat-Khan, together with senior and seasoned teachers of the Order as well as teachers from other traditions.

Participants in the Camp have the option of taking part in group seminars and retreats or doing a guided individual retreat. We have a wonderful "Camp within the Camp" for children, so you can come as a family. We also offer special seminars for teenagers and young adults.

A typical day at the Camp includes early morning meditations and singing or yoga, morning and afternoon teaching sessions, additional workshops and an evening programme of zhikr ("remembrance" chanting), or sama' (music, poetry and spiritual dances). This year our additional workshops include afternoon programmes for families to play and connect, walks in nature and art workshops.

You may come for a period of between some single days to a week to four weeks. Some stay the whole summer with us!

At the end of the four weeks another group gathers take down everything that was built and return the land to the state of peace and silence in which we found it.

Be it for helping us to build, for participating, taking down or just a visit -
Please come and join us, in the beauty of the mountains and in the company of friends from many lands!