In nature, in beauty, in friendship

awaken your heart


Welcome to the Zenith Camp!

Zenith was founded 25 years ago by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan as a place for seekers of truth to periodically step  away from the fast-paced world and find, in the mountains, a space in which to awaken to our timeless nature.

Every summer people come from around the world. They come to drink deeply of nature’s beauty and power, to connect with old friends and new, and to inwardly tread the path that leads to the soul’s awakening. The Camp is hosted by the Sufi Order International, and many who come are initiates (mureeds) of the Order, but many others come as well, and all lovers of truth and beauty are welcome.


This year we will be returning once more to the Alpine meadow in Ticino. Our work will start in June when there is nothing more than the mountains, the trees and the cows. A group of people of all ages, and with different skills, gathers to build the camp. They prepare the space for the four-week programme, share in spiritual practices, and live together in community.


The programme is led by the President of the Sufi Order, Pir Zia Inayat Khan, together with senior teachers in the Order as well as teachers from other traditions.


Participants in the Camp have the option of taking part in group seminars or retreats or doing a guided individual retreat. We have a wonderful camp within the Camp for children, so you can come as a family. We also offer special workshops for teenagers and young adults.


A typical day at the Camp includes early morning meditations and singing, morning and afternoon teaching sessions, additional workshops and, an evening programme of Zikr (“remembrance” -chanting) or Sema (music, poetry, and spiritual dances). You can come for a week or four weeks.


At the end of the four weeks another group gathers to take down everything that was built and return the land to the state in which we found it.


Do come and join us! You can come to build, participate, take down, or just visit. In joining together, may we all be strengthened and inspired by the glory of the Divine presence in our lives and in the world.