Theme of this Camp: Where the Rivers Meet

“When there is one river, they call it sacred, but the most sacred place is where two rivers meet.”
- Hazrat Inayat Khan

Pishon, Gihon, Tigris, Euphrates, Ganga, Jumna, Narmada, Kaveri — these names, and many others, evoke the majestic and ceaseless passage of water through the sacred imagination of humanity. Christ said that from the heart of the believer will come “rivers of living water.” The water that comes from the spring of the heart is for the greening of the world. The purity of the Earth’s oceans and rivers is inseparably linked to the clear running of the spiritual water that flows in the hearts of human beings.

This year, meeting beside the mountain stream that lends its gentle murmur to our Camp, we will unite many rivers: the rivers of sacred traditions, the rivers of our lives’ journeys, the rivers of various cultures, and the rivers of the energies of Earth and Heaven. There is a special blessing, we know, in the meeting of waterways.

Pir Zia Inayat-Khan



A day at the Camp

Our day starts with early morning meditation.

We have two teaching sessions in the morning and afternoon. 

After lunch we have additional activities: walking meditations, the telling of stories and dreams, yoga, whirling, and a chance to sing in a choir. 

Our evening programmes usually include “zikr” (a practice of remembrance which involves chanting) or “sama” (music, poetry, and spiritual dances).


in order of appearance in the camp...

Pir Zia Inayat-Khan
Shaykha H. Nur Artiran
Rev. LuThimothy May
Ophiel Maarten van Leer
Munir Voss
Malik Hirschberg
Martin Zamir Roehrs
Ulrike Greenway
Sarida Brown
Zumurrud Butta
Ta'lim Knobel
Saki Lee
David Shahabuddin Less
Anna Less
Rabbi Mordechai Zeller
Sheikh Ghassan Manasra
Robin Becker
Deepa Gulrukh Patel
Jacob Ellenberg
Himayat Inayati
Majida Heiss

Camp: Sunday 23 July - Saturday 19 August 2017
Work camp: Wednesday 21 June - Saturday 22 July 2017
Take down: Saturday 19 August - approx. 5 September 2017