Extra Activities

Throughout the four weeks we offer extra curricular activities.

Whirling Classes

Fatimabi Monika Grieger will be offering whirling classes during week 1, and Alaudin Grieger during week 2.

FatimaBi Monika Grieger

FatimaBi Monika Grieger

FatimaBi Monika Grieger is the founder and leader of the Sufi Center Omega in Zürich. As teacher in the Inayati Sufi Tradition she is trained in dreamwork, transpersonal psychology and healing. As Semazen (whirling dervish) she has a special relation to the dance of the whirling dervishes, which she teaches as the prayer of the heart. Through dreamwork, whirling, singing, meditating and dancing she opens up a holy space which leads to the innermost sacred space of the heart.

Alaudin Grieger

Alaudin Grieger

Alaudin Grieger, psychologist and psychotherapist,
devotee - student and teacher- in the Chisti-Inayati tradition, semazen in the Mevlevi tradition.
practiced meditation and exercise, whirling as prayer in motion.
"Where ever you turn is the face of God."
"Where should I turn also?"

Workshop for families in all 4 weeks with Majida Heiss

During the lunch breaks in all four weeks of Camp, Majida Heiss will offer a spiritually oriented workshop for parents and their children. These special programmes will give families the opportunity to immerse themselves in the week's themes. On the basis of the topic "Where the Rivers Meet"

The schedule will be as follows:

Week 1: 24th–29th July
This week we will dive deep into our hearts to explore what Jesus described as“the rivers of living water”that flow from us.“Love and benevolence” will be this week's theme. Together, we will nourish our hearts and ourselves, and in so doing, discover what incredible gifts our hearts can give. We will listen to allegories about Jesus and discover how to carry their meanings into our lives. We will sing, laugh, pray, and play together.

Week 2: 31st July - 5th August
During the silent retreat with Pir Zia, children and parents will enjoy silence and laughter as we meet the sacred place of the inner and outer world. Through music, sacred words, and dances from Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, we will witness how the waters of Divine revelation flow with joy and love.

Week 3: 7th–12th August
This week is dedicated to celebrating the elements, nature, and healing. By learning the teachings of Zoroaster, we will explore our “good thoughts, good words, and good deeds,” the energy of Earth and Heaven, and our relationship between our body and nature. It will be a week full of creativity in deep contact with nature.

Week 4: 14th–19th August
Reflecting on the significance of different religions, Hazrat Inayat Khan wrote that, “Every stream of Divine Wisdom which we call religion is sacred, but most sacred is there where two streams meet.”In the fourth week we ourselves will have the possibility to witness the sacred place that emerges in the meeting of the Abrahamic religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. This family workshop will be a feast of sacredness, joy, singing, dancing, and other creative rituals.

Majida Heiß

Majida Heiß is a spiritual teacher and a follower the Sufi path since 1990. She has lead our Children’s Camp from 1995. Here her longtime educational experiences with children and her spiritual work merge in the joy to find out all about the qualities of each young person, to make them grow and support them.
In her professional life, Majida works as a spiritual Guide and as coach for groups or individual trainings.


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Zira'at Lodge

Wali Wolfgang Schürings and Karim Rafi will be offering the Ziraat lodge in the early morning at 6:00 am.
ZIRA’AT  is an activity which uses the symbols and processes of agriculture to promote an understanding of the earth’s sacredness, and to describe and facilitate growth in the inner life, bridging both the material and spiritual worlds.
You are welcome to share the ceremony with us.

Wali Wolfgang Schürings
Karim Rafi

For what purpose will we assemble here?
For farming.
What is the length of the farm?
As long as time.
What is the breadth of the farm?
As broad as space.
To whom does the farm belong?
It is our Father`s Heritage.
What is the farmer's religion?
Their work. ....

Sufi Stories and Music with Siddiq and Saroj - week 4

"Spiritual stories are food for heart and soul."

Siddiq Winfried Henkes is a meditation teacher, storyteller and astrologer.

Saroj Virginie Boudier is a leader of the healing circle, shiatsu practitioner and yoga teacher.

Siddiq and Saroj are leading the sufi center Freiburg in Germany.