Children's Camp

with Christine Majida Heiss
& the Children´s Camp Team

The Children’s Camp runs in parallel with the main programmes of the Camp during the entire Camp.

It is the place at the Camp where the children can experience and unfold themselves in a safe environment by means of the offered programs, creative suggestions and small workshops through the encouragement of the staff. The care also gives the parents the opportunity to go to the main programme in the morning and in the afternoon.
But for the families and the children, the Children Camp is more than that.
It gives the children the opportunity to experience community and be a part of the spiritual family.
The parents also find support amongst each other and by the staff. So we can also learn together and from each other. The parents are also welcome to sing, play, dance and do creative things with the child. The nature which surrounds us is very beautiful and gives us the experience of Gods beauty and love. So we welcome you from our hearts to be with us in the community of  lovers on the path.

Requirements for Children’s Camp are that the child be three years old, that the child agrees to stay in the Children’s Camp, and that the parents and the children can separate from each other for a time.

Please remember that you are responsible for the child, and if necessary you might have to skip programs to take care of your child.

We also welcome children under three years old if an adult accompanies them.

We will again have a special camping area for children and parents. In order to be able to plan the size of that area and to make all the necessary arrangements for a good and safe environment, it is absolutely necessary that you register yourselves and your children as early as possible.

What we cannot influence is the weather, which in the mountains shows many different faces. That’s why part of your luggage should consist of rubber boots, rain clothes, a warm sweater, bathing suit and sun cream. As there are no laundry facilities at the camp, so please bring several changes of clothes.

Majida Heiß

Majida Heiß is a spiritual teacher and a follower the Sufi path since 1990. She has lead our Children’s Camp from 1995. Here her longtime educational experiences with children and her spiritual work merge in the joy to find out all about the qualities of each young person, to make them grow and support them.
In her professional life, Majida works as a spiritual Guide and as coach for groups or individual trainings.

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