The retreat dining tent

"Full moon, where will you be going from here?
– Into a retreat.
Why do you take a retreat after fullness?
– To make myself an empty vessel in order to be filled again."

Hazrat Inayat Khan

"Retreat time is an opportunity to withdraw temporarily from the outside world, to reduce worldly activities to a minimum for some time, to restrain the chatter within one’s mind, to keep silence, and to concentrate on the inner worlds. Silence is the key to experiencing new dimensions of one’s Self. During this time we reconnect with our spiritual source and regenerate our subtle energies. The paralysing routine of everyday life is interrupted."

"Concentrating on our spiritual exercises, our personality undergoes a transformative process. This is the time when we are confronted with our shadows, our fears and other obstacles within. We learn to develop forgiveness and other needed qualities in order to heal inner pain and to proceed on the path. Our aspiration is for the eternal source above diversity, the unfathomable light, the ecstasy of the Divine beyond any idea, indescribable and yet more real than anything we have experienced with open eyes. It is a gift to drink the wine of Divine bliss, which we thankfully cherish, but this is not the goal of the Sufi. When we reconnect with the inner source we discover fresh perspectives on all kinds of topics and problems. That is why we feel as if reborn at the time when the retreat is finished, and we return into the world."
- Munir Voss, Senior Teacher, Sufi Order International

We offer three forms of retreat:

1. Individual retreat
Tucked away in one corner of Camp is the silent retreat area, where you are surrounded by the soothing sound of water and held in the beautiful container of the mountains. The atmosphere that has been created here by all those who have been on retreat over the years makes this one of the most sacred spaces in the camp. When doing an individual retreat, your stay can be as short as a week or as long as four weeks.
The retreat process is carefully structured and led by a qualified retreat guide, who has undergone extensive training in the retreat process of the Sufi tradition as taught by Pir Vilayat Khan.The guides are familiar with all aspects of the retreat: physical, psychological and spiritual. 

The individual retreat is considered to be an advanced training , so it is necessary to have spoken to a guide  beforehand. You will meet daily to receive practices to do during the day and have time to discuss questions, which may arise during the retreat. We have a wonderful group of guides from around the world who come for the summer and you can find out more about them and the retreat process by clicking here.

It is advised to make contact with a retreat-guide of your choice before you come to the Camp, in order to be sure of their availability as well as clear any questions or intentions in advance.
And you can also book a retreat on arrival, where you will also find information on the guides that are available.

2. Group retreat
During the Group retreat participants walk together on the path of awareness, peace and silence. Usually the mornings are spent meditating together, using breath, concentration, wazaif (mantras of the 99 holy attributes of god) and zhikr (practice of remembrance). During the afternoons there is time for individual practices, given by the guide of the retreat. Evenings end with zhikr or other spiritual group practice.
A group can carry us far beyond the realisations we have had so far, and are sometimes easier to achieve in a collective meditation, when the individual energies merge into one.

3. Community retreat in the 2nd week with Pir Zia Inayat-Khan
During the Community retreat the whole Camp comes together to be in collective silence and our inner life takes preference over our outer interactions. We learn how community can be formed in the heart of silence. 
"The seers, the saints, the sages, the prophets, the masters, they have heard that voice which comes from within by making themselves silent. I do not mean by this that because one has silence one will be spoken to; I mean that once one is silent one will hear the word which is constantly coming from within. When the mind has been made still, a person also communicates with everyone he meets. He does not need many words: when the glance meets he understands. Two persons may talk and discuss all their lives and yet never understand one another; and two others with still minds look at one another and in one moment a communication is established between them."
- Hazrat Inayat Khan

Retreat Guides available at the Camp 2018 are:



Saki Lee

Saki Lee is an experienced retreat guide whose guiding light is
Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, with whom she was a student since 1974.   She
regards retreat work as a sacred privilege and subtle art which enables
people to enter into deep processes of healing, regeneration and
transformation.  Saki guides individual and group retreats internationally,
and works professionally in the field of East Asian medicine. She suggests
that anyone wishing to go on retreat with her this summer should contact her before the camp at the email address below.


English, Dutch.

Present in the camp 2018: Week 2


Aziz Dikeulias

Aziz sees retreats as the greatest opportunity to escape the everyday worries
of our mostly ego-based lives and have a chance to become conscious of the
other dimensions of our being.
Every retreat is new and different according to our inner needs for
unfoldment, nothing is or can be wasted and very important seeds are sawn
into the soil of our heart and soul that unfold in time.
His considerable experience has taught him that one usually has to struggle
against one’s conditioning and thought-patterns in the first part of the
retreat so that one can surrender to the calling of the beloved in the
latter part. Both parts are essential and cannot be bypassed.
"As a retreat guide, I walk hand in hand with my charge without judging and
full of acceptance and awe at the meaningfulness of it all, privileged to
be able to be the midwife of the new birth". 


The retreats are held in English only

Present in the camp 2018: Week 1, 2, 3, 4

Amaité Willand

Amaité is a teacher of the Raphaelite-Work (healing by loving presence), a representative and experienced retreat-guide in the Inayatiyya and a Suluk-Graduate.  She works in the area of Ayurvedic healing and meditation.

“Come closer to your innermost being! Take time for this wonder-world within! Rediscover your very own rhythm of life. Dive into silence and rest in the arms of the Beloved! And return into this world with a new point of view.”


German and English

Present in the Camp 2018: Week 1, 2,  3,  4

Heinz Espabad Kindl

In mein früheres Leben als Schauspieler und Tänzer trat nach einem schweren Unfall mit Todeserfahrung ein immer größeres Interesse an den grundlegenden Fragen nach dem Woher, Wohin und dem Warum. Nach Aufenthalten in buddhistischen Klöstern in Asien fand ich Orientierung in diversen mystischen Traditionen und schließlich eine Art Heimat im Sufismus.
Mittlerweile bin ich Repräsentant des Internationalen Sufiordens und arbeite als Meditationslehrer und Retreat-Guide. Als Co-Autor war ich an der Entstehung zweier gechannelter Bücher beteiligt und machte nach der Entdeckung meiner medialen Fähigkeiten eine Ausbildung zum Heilpraktiker.
Ich bin anerkannter Heiler im DGH (Dachverband Geistiges Heilen e.V.) und arbeite als Heiler und Dozent für die SHP Akademie von Astrid & Clemens Kuby (Europäische Akademie für Selbstheilungsprozesse). 2007 erschien mein Buch „Vom inneren Weg“, heilende Poesie.
Heute führe ich neben meiner Tätigkeit als Künstler eine Praxis, halte Vorträge und gebe Seminare.

Sprachen: Deutsch

Present in the Camp 2018: Week 3, 4

(links only available in German)

Latif Brinck

Latif Brinck lives in Santiago, Chile and is Representative in the Sufi Order, a Retreat Guide and a Healing conductor. He has been in touch with the Sufi teachings for more than 30 years.
His first Sufi retreats were in Chile with Pir Vilayat in 1993 and later with Shahabuddin Less.
He has attended the Zenith camp and has worked with Pir Zia, Munir and Saki Lee for the last 10 years, guiding Saki Lee´s morning meditations for the last 3 years. Currently he guides a meditation group and conducts other retreats and seminars.
He recommends a retreat for those wishing to stay in touch with their inner silence, by cutting their daily routine in the wonderful Swiss landscape.

“I love to accompany retreatants during the process and that they fell supported. Along with meditation the inside process is accompanied by zikr, hiking and prayers.”


English, German  and Spanish

Presence in the camp 2018: Week 1, 2, 4

Parvati Pfleiderer

Parvati is a Yoga teacher, Social Pedagogue and teacher of Polarity massage. Her spiritual path has been coloured by different teachings: She has followed the Sufi path for over 25 years, first with Pir Vilayat and now with Pir Zia. As well as that, she has trained as a Yoga teacher which has resulted in a yoga group: the 'Weg der Mitte'-centre in Berlin.
She experiences retreats and the retreat-process as something profoundly healing; guiding and uplifting the inner path. For her it is a valuable tool to meet oneself and one's divine qualities a little more closely.
She is married and has 2 children.

“Through my guidance you may encounter all different kinds of influences: the Sufi-path, t he work of the Cheraga, yoga-practice, my motherhood and also guidance on the level of dealing with daily-life.”


German and English

Present in the Camp 2018: Week 3, 4




Roshan Priese

Roshan, born in '61, practises meditation since 1986, first for ten years under the guidance of an Indian master, then on the Sufi path with Pir Vilayat, Pir Zia, Munir, Safi Nidiaye and others. By now, she teaches meditation classes herself since more than 20 years and for now ten years she practises Body-Heart Awareness by Safi Nidiaye.
She lives in the unspoiled nature of Sardinia, as a goatherd, gardener, mother. Today she is head of the Sufi centre Cala Jami in Sardinia, organizes spiritual events, retreats, cultivates olives, chips wood, gives meditation classes.
She earns her living mainly as a language lecturer in China.
“The most meaningful experiences of my life were during Sufi retreats in nature. This is one reason why I cherish retreats so much.”


English, German, Italian.

Presence in the camp 2018: Week 3,4

Alia Kirsten Arnesen

Alia is a representative and guide in The Inayatiyya in Norway, where she offers regular classes and retreats.
In Europe she is a mentor at Suluk Academy. Alia is trained by Aziza Scott and offers the alchemical retreat and nature attunements. Mother Nature has always been her closest friend and inspirer.

"Spirituality is tuning the heart. Neither by study nor piety can one obtain it"   (Gayan)


Scandinavian, English and French.

Present in the Camp 2018:   Week 2


Amin Hermes

In addition to his profession as a social pedagogue and family therapist, Amin Hermes has been teaching meditation in the Inayati Order since many years,  and he is a representative and experienced retreat guide.

"For me the retreat is a special opportunity to work on the work of art of my own personality and to penetrate ever deeper into the connection with the world and to experience it."

Languages: German and English

Present in the Camp 2018:   Week 2, 3