Rent a white tent
Rent a white tent...
Sleeping platform inside
with a sleeping platform inside

If you don´t wish to bring your own tent, there are the following possibilities for other accommodations:

A: You can rent one of our beautiful round white tents, with a small platform inside, for CHF 136 per week. They are very spacious, perfect for couples or families. Please bring your own sleeping bag and sleeping pad.


B: You can sleep in a dormitory at nearby Campra for CHF 15 per night. Please reserve the dormitory space with us.

We have plenty of dormitory space; however, the number of tents is limited, and you must reserve them early by transferring the rental fee to our account (please don’t forget to mention your name, purpose of transference and the time you would like to rent it for). The discounts do not apply to accommodations. Reservations for these are confirmed after we receive the full payment for either rooms or tent.




Tent rental / week

CHF 145

 € 123

Dormitory / night

CHF 16

€ 14

Participants who want to sleep in their car, motor home, or caravan can park these at Campra. It is a 10 min. walk from there to the camp.

For rooms in Campra: please contact or


E: You can also arrange for your own accommodations with the local tourist office. If you rent rooms away from Campra, you will need a car for your transport!

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Ph: .+41 (0)91/ 8721487, Fax +41(0)91/ 8721512