Price Table 2018

Early bird price,  before 1 May

Basic weekly price, bringing your own tent

CHF 585

€ 497

Youth Participation (age 14-18)

CHF 378

€ 321

Young Adults Camp (age 18-29)
(Please note that the 10% student discount is already included)

CHF 490

€ 417

Price after the 1 May

Basic weekly price, bringing your own tent

CHF 650

€ 553

Youth Participation (age 14-18)

CHF 420

€ 357

Young Adults Camp (age 18-29)
(Please note that the 10% student discount is already included)

CHF 545

€ 463

Daily Price

CHF 115

€ 98

If you stay for 2 or more weeks, there is a 5% discount for each additional week.

Supplement for weeks 1A, 2A, 4A & 4B

CHF 85

€ 75


Tent rental per week

CHF 145

€ 123

Dormitory per night

CHF 16

€ 14

* Prices may vary according to the exchange rate.



Payments by bank transfer, PayPal (ID or cash on location.

Please note that our Paypal account is in Switzerland and the exchange rate to CHF is subject to variations and that it charges a percentage for sending money.

For transfers, please e-mail us for further details at


We can’t accept foreign cheques (i.e. not Swiss).
There are cash machines in Olivone for EC/ VISA/MASTERCARD



The above fees

include the seminars, camping space for your own tent, and three vegetarian meals a day.

Basic weekly price

For the basic weekly price, please refer to the table above. You will find a base price for the first week; for each additional week that you attend the Camp, the price is reduced by 5% from the previous week.
The weekly price applies for a camp week arriving on Sunday and leaving on Saturday or Sunday. If you come already on Saturday morning for the Universal Worship to stay for the following week, we ask you to pay CHF ​60 or EUR ​50​ in addition​ for that day. If you arrive on the Friday evening, we ask you to give a donation for the dinner.


Children (age 3-14) pay 1/2 for the first child and 1/3 for the 2nd and any others.

Day to day

Registration for less than a full week is per day.

Extra charges, supplement

Some Seminars and retreats have an additional supplement to the basic camp fee; please refer to each seminar description. These fees are based on additional expenses for the different teachers. The various discounts do not apply to the supplement fee.

Teenagers and young adults

For the young adult camp and the youth camp please see the price on the table above.

Early registration discount

A reduction is granted if 50% of the total fees are received before May 1st. This discount applies only to the basic price, not to the supplement and will not apply to extensions made at the camp.

Students and unemployed

Full time students and unemployed persons receive a 10% reduction. Documentation is required for this reduction. As for the other discounts, this discount does not apply to the supplement fee.


A full refund (minus CHF 100 processing fee) is granted if the cancellation notice is received 15 days prior to the camp week for which you registered. No refunds are made for cancellations after this date, or for leaving the camp early. Room and tent rentals are final, unless you or we can find a replacement.