On the Path of Enlightenment

Week 1D  July 23rd–28th 2018
Silent group retreat with Malik Hirschberg 

“Again and again look into your own mind. Your own mind is translucent, without form. It is from the Clear Light of the Void, it is like the immaculate sky. It is no multiplicity and it is all-knowing…”

In silence, we will together walk the path of awareness, of peace, and inner mastery. Deeper and deeper we will tune in to the music of the soul and the silence in the heart of all things. We will work with our breath and with concentration, and especially with wazaïf and zikr.

Malik Hirschberg

Malik Hirschberg is a retreat guide and representative of the Inayati Order of Austria and has responsibility for the Inayati sufi-centre in Vienna. In his profession, Malik is a dentist.