Quotes from Camp Participants and Voluntary Helpers

When you want to imagine a beautiful world of beautiful people:where hearts open up just like that, where the soul naturally starts to shine its light, in the powerful and healing nature and loving community of people of diffirent nationalities, age and experience in life... this world already exists in our summer sufi camp in Switzerland and is being created anew every year.  And through anyone it can / might / will become another unique, joyful, deep experience of love harmony and beauty... for more peace in your heart and more joy in your life. love to all :)
- Agnieszka, Poland

"The camp is my home and my family."
- Nic, Germany

Die intensivsten Momente meines Lebens waren Erfahrungen des Einsseins während Retreats in diesem fantastischen Camp.
Translation: The most intense moments of my life were experiences of Unity with all during retreats in this fantastic Camp
- Roshan, Sardinia


"Was ist das schönste an diesem  Sommercamp?
die traumhaft schöne Natur?
die spirituellen Erfahrungen?
das Zusammentreffen mit vielen interessanten, netten Menschen?
ich glaube, alles zusammen macht den Zauber aus!"

What's the best about this summercamp?
The exquisite nature?
The spiritual experiences?
The meeting of so many interesting and nice people?
I think all of this together creates the magic!"

- Jens, Hamburg, Germany


Liebes Camp,
ich finde eure Arbeit ganz toll. Gratuliere! Bin begeistert von eurer informativen und transparenten Kommunikation! Vor allem entsteht bei mir wieder ein Gefühl dafür, zu etwas größerem beizutragen, wenn ich aufs Camp fahre. Freue mich schon sehr darauf. Danke dafür, allen, die so intensiv an diesem Prozess arbeiten.

Dear Camp ,
i really like your work! Gratulations! I am enthusiastic about your informative and transparent communication! Most of all i start to have a feeling of being a part of something bigger again, when I come to the Camp. I am looking forward to that very much. I thank all of you, who work so hard in this process.

- Klaus from Austria


I tell people this: go to Zenith Camp before you die. Why? Because I am certain if you do take my advice you will experience the very, very peculiar sensation of having your heart blown to bits by a capital "B" kind of beauty. Beauty of the mountains, the campers, the staff, the tents, the teachers, the trees, the grass, the mealtime bells, the tea and something else that's hard to put your finger on...but descends down into you like a rainbow sledgehammer dove of love.
Prepare to live at the edge of your fullest living with some amazing human beings from all over the world...and spend the extra money for some new rain boots...you'll thank me later ;)

The experience we shared at Camp Zenith has brought us closer together as a family. The mountains, the clear starlight sky at night, the close contact to Nature, the music and dancing, the people with their open hearts...it all contributed to our feeling of recovery and deep nurture after our holidays. It was a magical time also for our kids, who loved to be in the children´s tent, and still the songs they learnt there. We share our memories throughout the year and look forward to our next Camp experience.

Annette, 33 years old, Switzerland


My heart opens when I think of the Camp. It is so wonderful to live, love and learn so much in community. 

Dorothea Hesse, Germany

For me the Camp means time out in the stillness of a unique mountain landscape. I have experienced community in a very tolerant atmosphere.

Elisabeth Gubler, Switzerland



"The Camp is a special space for me that I know and love since childhood. Every year people come together there to live and adventure, in a group and individually. You meet interesting people, learn a lot about yourself and go one step forward on your spiritual path. It is a protected space that invites creativity and unfoldment"
- Shakina, 25, Germany



Hommage to the Sufi camp
All this year, I've done that dance under the white skirt of the great dervish.
It was just a dream,
Here I'll come back home,
And again, I recollect myself.

Here I water my heavenly roots,
To better push the growing crown of my earthly tree.
Here I cultivate the garden of my heart,
I grow flowers made of light, fruits of love,
Vegetables of courage, herbs of certainty.
Here flows a source of joy,
Water that purifies and inspires.
The wind of detachment blows gently,
Birds of freedom are taking to flight,
Butterflies of transformation gather here
And the stars of the infinite glow in the darkness of our nights
While the sentinel mountains watch over our lives.
Yes! It is here that this happens, now.
Thank you, thank you to the camp.

- Saroj Virginie Boudier



Going back to the camp, year after year, means meeting a lot of people from everywhere around the world, being in a beautiful, touching landscape and living a simple life. I experience myself in a social and natural surrounding that shows me a lot about who I am, how I behave, interact and who I have become during the past year. The general atmosphere of self-awareness in the camp helps me to be more conscious about my feelings and thoughts. I go home, feeling nourished, joyful and very alive and present.
- Anonymous


Last summer was my first time at the Zenith Camp, but I felt entirely at home; the people were warm and welcoming, the teachings were deep, and the breath taking natural setting blew me away! I loved that there were people of all ages from so many different countries, all sharing together in food and community and spiritual practice. I felt very much alive in the fresh mountain air, and even the wild weather felt sacred.
- Sarah Leila Manolson


Refresh your spirit with all the elements clothed in Alpine splendor; renew your soul with transformative teachings from Pir Zia and beloved senior Sufi teachers; recharge your heart in the warm embrace of Sufi community. Come, come and experience the magic of the Zenith Camp in the Alps!
- Suhrawardi Gebel





Work Camp Memories


The work-camp is a chance to balance physical work and inner growth and development in breath taking untouched nature. It is also a beatiful place for transformation. Together we create a safe space in which to discover much about ourselves and how to live together.



"In gratitude we experience what happens, when there is a place where there is such a deep respect for each other in a simple, uncomplicated and open hearted community."



“Before I came to the work camp, I never felt comfortable with other people – that trust was broken in childhood. When I was about 40 years old I joined the work camp. It was the first time in my life that I felt safe, accepted, loved and held in a group of people. That was a very deep healing experience that set my life on a new course. It would never have occurred to me to come to a Sufi meditation camp as I was very distrustful of spiritual teachings. And so I came just for the work camp and then I stayed on waiting for the take-down to start, because I was longing to have this feeling of community again. Finally I came to Sufism through the work camp and that was the only way I could have come to it.”

“I was very shy at the beginning of my first work camp. I arrived later than the rest and I didn´t know anybody.I could see how close the people where to each other and I had a deep desire to become part of that. While I was busy with these thoughts, I felt somebody behind me put their hands on my shoulders and start a gentle massage without words. This was a very simple and touching act that helped me to open and feel welcome in the group.”

“Once we had a team made up just by women. This team built the children’s tent. When it was done, we formed a circle and sent our love to the children that would play there. While we prayed for a blessing, I felt very happy to experience this female power.”

“After many work camps I know, that there is usually somebody in the group that I just don´t like. I don´t take it seriously or personally any more- I just observe this feeling because so often they become friends later on or one year later. Mostly the transformation happens after our Friday-sharing-circle, where we listen and speak from our hearts. Listening to them share gave me the chance to understand why they are as they are, drop the judgement and find compassion and sympathy. This has brought a deep transformation regarding my relationships with others.”

“The work camp is a vessel for people in transition who couldn’t afford in their usual environment to be in a safe spiritual community.”

“I love to remember lying with friends in a circle in the middle of the platform before the big meditation tent was going to be set up. We felt so satisfied, because we worked so hard for something that really made sense: We where building a secure place where hearts can open.”