The Great Symphony of Togetherness

Week 1C July 23rd–28th 2018
Family workshop with Majida Heiss

The child feels connected with God and the world and wants to maintain this bondage. At the same time, there is the longing to find one’s own tone. Spirituality in education supports the parents to accompany this development process of the child and gives him guidance by a lived example.

What do I want to give as a mother / father to my child? How can I create this? We want to pursue these questions in the parent workshop.

In the workshop of the parents with the children, we will let our tones ring with music and in dances, create rituals and go into the experience of what makes us and connects us.

Process and external structure:

We will begin together in the children’s tent, then the parents  will go for the first part of the morning to the parents’ workshop and the children stay in the children’s tent. After a break, the parents and children come together for a workshop.

In the afternoon, the children are in the children’s tent. The parents will meet in the first half of the afternoon for the parents’ workshop and then join the the seminar on Noor.

Majida Heiß

Majida Heiß is a spiritual teacher and a follower the Sufi path since 1990. She has lead our Children’s Camp from 1995. Here her longtime educational experiences with children and her spiritual work merge in the joy to find out all about the qualities of each young person, to make them grow and support them.

In her professional life, Majida works as a spiritual Guide and as coach for groups or individual trainings.
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