Children and teens


Teens Camp 14 - 17 Jahre, 1. - 4. Woche Ziel des Teenie-Camps ist es, ein Programm zu schaffen, das die Jugendlichen lieben und in dem sie das Gefühl haben, dass es wirklich ihr eigenes Programm ist. Morgens haben sie die Wahl im Staff mitzuarbeiten oder Zeit im Kinderzelt zu verbringen. Nachmittags werden sie von zwei Mitgliedern des Staffs begleitet und es wird gemeinsam entschieden, wie die Zeit verbracht wird, z.B. mit Wanderungen, Kunst oder Handwerk, spirituellen Übungen oder Gesprächen darüber, die sie dabei unterstützen, ein Gefühl von Identität und Unabhängigkeit zu entwickeln, wie es Jugendliche in ihrer Zeit des Übergangs ins Erwachsensein brauchen. Um die Preise zu erfahren, sehen Sie sich bitte die Anmelde-Seite an ...
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Teens Camp

Camp des Adolescents Aged 14–17 1st–4th week Le but du Camp des Adolescents est de créer un programme qui leur cause du plaisir et qui leur donne un sentiment d’appartenance. Le matin, ils ont le choix de travailler avec le personnel ou de passer du temps avec les enfants. L’après-midi, ils seront avec deux membres du personnel et devront décider ensemble de la façon dont ils veulent passer leur temps. Ils peuvent aller en randonnée, s’adonner à un art ou à l’artisanat, parler de spiritualité ou faire des exercices spirituels qui développeront le sens d’identité et d’indépendance dont les adolescents ont besoin au cours de leur passage vers l’âge adulte. Voyez la page des inscriptions pour les détails sur les tarifs ...
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Teens Camp

Teens Camp Aged 14–17 1st–4th week The aim of the Teen Camp is to create a programme that they love doing and which gives them a sense of ownership. In the mornings they have a choice of working as Staff or spending time in the children’s tent. In the afternoon they will be with two staff members and will collectively decide on how they want to spend their time. They might go on hikes, do arts and crafts, talk about or do spiritual exercises that will help to foster the sense of identity and independence that teens need as they transition into adulthood. See Registration page for details about pricing ...
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Children’s Camp

Children's Camp The Children’s Camp is a programme for kids, where they are invited to explore and unfold their own self in a safe environment. The staff guides them through a lovingly held space with singing, dancing, playing, creative projects, story-telling, movement and exploration in the nature area around the kids tent. The elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether offer us the themes for each day of the week, letting us playfully focus on these five aspects of our inner and outer life. The Children’s Camp gives us the opportunity to open our senses and our hearts, to experience community life and to be part of the spiritual family which is gathering at the Camp. The kids program runs in the morning and in the afternoon, parallel to the main programmes for adults during all four weeks of the Camp. Each week will be a unique experience which aligns with the Camp theme of the week. Guidelines:
  • Children of three years and older are invited to stay in the Children’s Tent without parents during the programme times
  • For the smaller children, a natural and child-oriented settling-in time and detaching-of-parent time is a given
  • Kids between zero and three years are welcome to be part of our Children’s Tent with one parent or caregiving adult present
  • Parents are responsible for their children and their wellbeing, and this may require the parents to skip some of the programme in order to take care of them
  • It is important to bring a variety of supplies: rubber boots, rain gear, warm sweater, bathing suit, sun cream and sun hat, and several changes of clothes (there are no laundry facilities)
  • See Registration page for details about pricing.
Jayanara Fitzwilliam Jayanara Linda Fitzwilliam has spent every summer of her life in the Zenith Camp since she was eight years old (except one, when she was in India). Remembering her childhood summers in Camp she says: “The Children’s Tent and the whole Camp ground and the community was like paradise on earth for me, and it recharged my spirit for the whole year.” She feels very honored to be taking on the role of the Children’s Tent leader in 2019, and offer the kids a place to playfully be who they really are. Jayanara is a mother, yoga teacher and educator for dance and movement, a healer and a facilitator of sufi events within the Inayati Order. She currently lives with her daughter and her husband in Bern, where she teaches yoga, parents-kids classes, holds women circles and retreats. She also works in her practice of Lotus Light Healing giving treatments. Jayanara is a soft yet powerful woman with a big heart for children ...
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