Group retreat

Week 4B  August 9th–15th 2020
Group retreat with Aziz Dikeulias


“How long will you keep pounding on an open door begging for someone to open it?”

– Rabia Basripage1image7508288

Imagine you’re watching a film and are totally absorbed in it. You completely identify with the maincharacter and, incredibly, you can actually smell and touch whatever is going on…This is thepredicament of our lives, and, very often the film is quite random, but we are so involved, we cannot escape.

That’s why some of us go on retreat; to escape the incessant drama of the storms in our tea-cups of our everyday lives which consumes all our energy. In retreat, as Pir Vilayat so eloquently said, we caneven turn the “here and now” into “everywhere and always”. We can never solve our problems being totally immersed in them, so, we have to change our vantage point, we glimpse that which transpires behind that which appears and, as a result, we grasp meaningfulness and as our hearts become alive and open, we are able to experience real love and live purposefully and in harmony with ourselves, others and God.

Every sincere seeker is welcome to join this retreat, adept retreatants as well as newcomers, there are no preconditions (though one can prepare), and in our group sessions there will be adequate introduction and explanation as well as experiencing of the different practices.

Aziz Dikeulias is a senior guide in the Inayati Order and has been guiding retreats since 1984.

If you are interested in joining this journey, please contact me either through Zenith, or directly at:

Aziz Dikeulias

Aziz sees retreats as the greatest opportunity to escape the everyday worries of our mostly ego-based lives and have a chance to become conscious of the other dimensions of our being.

Every retreat is new and different according to our inner needs for unfoldment, nothing is or can be wasted and very important seeds are sown into the soil of our heart and soul that unfold in time.

His considerable experience has taught him that one usually has to struggle against one’s conditioning and thought-patterns in the first part of the retreat so that one can surrender to the calling of the beloved in the latter part. Both parts are essential and cannot be bypassed.

“As a retreat guide, I walk hand in hand with my charge without judging and full of acceptance and awe at the meaningfulness of it all, privileged to be able to be the midwife of the new birth”.