Let Loving Lead your Soul

Week 3D  August 2nd – 8th 2020
Silent Group Retreat with Saki Lee & Latif Peter Brinck


“Let loving lead your soul.

Make it a place to retire to,

A kind of monastery cave, a retreat

for the deepest core of being.

Then build a road from there to God.”

– Attar


Love (a noun) in all its tender, fragile and vulnerable forms, is a fire that purifies and warms us in the heart’s winters of separation, pain and despair.  It is also a profound healing power which brings meaningfulness into the broken and imperfect places of embodied life.

But loving (a verb) is an active process of alchemy that can shatter, open and change us from the inside out. It is a journeying towards, in and with love, and a remembering of our sacred origins in love.

In the sanctuary of retreat, we warmly invite you to be immersed in the love songs of form longing for the formless, and of the formless longing for form.  Our orientation for unveiling, healing, and connecting with the deep core of our innermost being is to let loving lead our souls.

During our week together, we share silence, solitude, sacred songs and chants, Sufi practices with breath, light and sound, and loving presence together.

Each day there will be early morning meditations, and guided morning sessions.  The afternoons will be on your own with Nature, but individual guidance and practices are available each day.  In the evenings we come together for shared zhikr.

This retreat is open to both newcomers as well as experienced travelers on the path of love regardless of experience with Sufi practices. 

It is held in the silent, sheltered and beautiful retreat area of the camp where people have come for over 30 years for the alchemical process of transformation.    The frequencies of love and light are truly palpable here and are conducive for deep spiritual work.

Saki Lee

was a student of Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan since 1974 and serves as a guide, teacher, and consultant for the Esoteric School in the Inayati Order International. Her soul’s bliss includes guiding alchemical retreats, sacred music and dance, and supporting people to connect with their soul’s essence.  She is a practitioner of East Asian medicine, and currently coordinates a refugee project as well as hosts monthly benefit world music concerts in Holland as a way to make love, harmony and beauty visible in our world.


Latif Peter Brinck

is from Santiago, Chile, where he is active as an Inayati Order representative and guide, as well as a teacher for the Dances of Universal Peace.  He has been a familiar friend and loving presence at our camp for many years as a retreat guide and representative for the Kinship concentration.  During our retreat he offers daily early morning meditations, and will also be available for individual consultation each day for questions or clarification on the practices or retreat process.