Living from the Heart

Week 1C  July 19th–25th 2020
Workshop for families with Majida Heiß

“The heart is the most important instrument of feeling in our body.”

– Pir Zia Inayat- Khan

This workshop gives parents and children the opportunity to come together and share the love and gifts of the hearts.

The heart space is the place that connects us with all and everything and the origin of life. The language of the heart expresses itself through love, friendship, tolerance and forgiveness. Being aware of the heart reveals its beauty and depth, its joy and violant, and enables the encounter with the inner child and promotes healing. On the path of awakening, the flower of the heart unfolds to its uniqueness to gift itself away.

All this can unite into a new connection to yourself, your child and your relationships and can refresh, renew and strengthen the parent-child relationship.

Majida will accompany the journey of the heart with singing, dancing, breathing work, imagination exercises, healing rituals and meditation.

The days are divided into two parts – one for the families together and one for the parents only. (During this time the children will participate in other activities in the children’s tent.)

Parents will also participate in the Pir Zia seminar at the end of each day.

Majida Heiß

Majida Heiß has been working with children and their families for 40 years. Since 1990 she has been following the Sufi Path and has interwoven her longtime educational experiences with children with her spiritual work. Since 2015 she offers workshops for families in our camp. As a mother of two adult children, she knows about the topics of spiritual education. In her project “Garden of loving kindness” her professional and personal experiences come together.

In her professional life, Majida works as a spiritual guide and coach for groups and individual trainings with adults, children and families. In the social pedagogical family assistance she accompanies parents and their children in the challenges of everyday life. She also works as a parent coach in a parent-child institution.