Moving Courageously Into Life

Week 4A  August 11th – 17th 2019
Workshop with Robin Becker

Our deepest connection to life is experienced through our bodies. The body is the heart of our shared humanity, and it carries the roots of our empathy, compassion, and inspired action.  As our world continues to gain in speed- it is a profound gift to be able to slow down, rest, and listen to the depths of our embodied wisdom. The silent world of the body is like a touchstone constantly communicating and reminding us how we deeply belong to the interconnected embrace of the larger universe.

The fluid landscape of the body is an inner sanctuary of movement that offers us ways to discover support from within as we respond with courageous presence in the world. Just as the earth blossoms each spring, the body is an endless resource of unfolding possibilities, and the nature of the body can become a source of wisdom, courage and intelligence that we learn to trust.

If you are longing for renewal and restoration, please join Robin for a week of embodied inquiry and discovery. We will weave together the movement explorations of Continuum* with Sufi practices and perspectives.

This seminar is appropriate and safe for everyone at all levels of movement capacity. No previous movement experience is required.

* Continuum, an innovative field of movement education, is based on the understanding of the body as a fluid expression of an ancient planetary process. All life forms from the spiraling of the galaxies to the pulsing cells of the human body have been shaped by the movement of water. In Continuum, we work with breath and vocal practices to initiate and augment the movement of the fluid landscape within us.

For this program a supplement of CHF 85 or € 75 is to be added to the “base price”.


Robin Becker

Robin Becker is a teacher, dancer and choreographer. She has performed with the Martha Graham Dance Company, the Eleo Pomare Dance Company, and with her own dance company of which she has been the artistic director for fifteen years.  In the U.S. she has served on the faculties of the Omega Institute, American Ballet Theatre, the High School of the Performing Arts in New York City and Hofstra University. Her work is deeply influenced by twenty years of study within the Sufi Order International, and by Continuum, a visionary field of movement education of which she is an authorized Teacher. Robin has been integrating movement, artistic expression, spirituality and healing throughout her professional career. She leads workshops on creativity and improvisation and is committed to working with people as they seek a deeper connection to life through the body.