Music As Prayer: Pilgrimage to the Heart

Week 3C  August 4th–10th 2019
Music Workshop with Mehmet Ungan, Ali Ungan & Tarana Jobin

No part of the world, East or West, can deny the divinity of music. In the first place music is the language of the soul, and for two people of different nations or races to unite there is no better source than music. For music not only unites person to person, but person to God.”  – Hazrat Inayat Khan

One can work on the quality of one’s soul by working on the quality of one’s tone, but the converse is also true:  one can work on the quality of one’s tone by working on the quality of one’s soul.  

We think we are working on music, but music works on us.

Please join Ali, Mehmet and Tarana as east meets west through music:  a week of Turkish zikr and the Songs of Shaikh-ul-Mashaik Pyaromir Maheboob Khan.  Discover with them how these traditions may blend and complement each other as the week progresses. 

Everyone is welcome:  singers, instrumentalists, and listeners.

Ali Ungan

Ali Ungan is an active musician and co-founder of the Oriental Music Academy in Mannheim. He taught at Free Waldorf School Intercultural Mannheim and currently teaches music and intercultural communication at the “SRH-Fachschule für Soziales” in Heidelberg.

Hosh Neva

Mehmet Ungan

Mehmet Ungan studied the traditional instruments Saz, Oud and Ney after meeting Dr. Oruc Güvenc. Originally a sociologist and social worker, today he is the co-founder of the Oriental Music Academy in Mannheim and a regular guest in intercultural and interfaith events across Europe.

Orientalische Musikakademie Mannheim

Tarana JobinTarana Jobin

Tarana is an orchestra conductor serving as Music Director for the Inayati Order since 2018. She worked with Ophiel Maarten van Leer on the Bach B minor Mass Peace Project in 2016 and helped with music for Noorunisa’s play, Aède of the Ocean and Land, at Zenith Camp last summer. She is delighted to share the songs of Shaik-ul-Mashaik Pyaromir Maheboob Khan based on Murshid’s writings.