Presence, Healing, Illumination

5 days in silence – 5 steps to awakening

Week 4D  August 11th – 17th 2019
Silent Group Retreat with Faz’l Stein & Espabad Kindl

Faz’l and Espabad will be exploring the following five themes during this meditation retreat:

1. The desire and the longing -”what is it that really matters?”

2. The willingness to feel it all and experience one’s patterns – “how can I let my heart shine?”

3. Recapping and releasing the past – “how can I remove the obstacles in my way?”

4. The position of the witness and disentangling from our personal identifications – “Who am I?”

5. Dying and rebirth in the Light – ”Die before you die“ and “Dare you be the one you really are?”


They will work with recitation, contemplative inquiry and Zikr so that over the time of the retreat we will come to understand that meditation is nothing we do, but what we really are.

The retreat is open to all, with or without experience with Sufi meditation and spiritual practices.  It will be held in the sheltered and beautiful retreat area of the camp which holds a high vibration from all the spiritual work that has taken place there for 30 years.


Faz’l Stein

Faz’l is a retreat guide and is happy to accompany you during your journey through the inner planes, silence and transformation. Retreat is a timeout from the cultural trance, our daily routine, belief-systems, habits and patterns, conditionings and concepts…that we are caught in. A time to listen and look within, to breath deeply and feel our heart again, re-unite with nature, receive the blessings of life and strengthen our faith, body, heart and soul.


Espabad Kindl

“After a serious accident with death experience in my former life as an actor and dancer, I became more and more interested in the fundamental questions. After stays in Buddhist monasteries in Asia I found orientation in various mystical traditions and finally a kind of home in Sufism. I am a representative of the International Sufi Order and work as a meditation teacher and retreat guide. As a co-author I was involved in the creation of two channeled books, and after discovering my medial abilities I trained as a Heilpraktiker. I am a recognized healer in the DGH (Dachverband Geistiges Heilen e.V.) and work as a healer and lecturer for the SHP Academy of Astrid & Clemens Kuby (Europäische Akademie für Selbstheilungsprozesse). In 2007 my book “Vom inneren Weg”, healing poetry, was published.
Today, in addition to my work as an artist, I run a practice, give lectures and offer seminars.”