Sounding your Note

Week 3B  August 2nd–8th 2020
Seminar with Hassan Suhrawardi Gebel

We each have a note to sound in the symphony of the whole. The metaphor of the symphony conveys the idea of the harmonious working of the interconnected whole. By sounding our note, we take part in the vast ecological network of aspiring souls, which resonates subliminally like a symphony of surpassing beauty.

Hazrat Inayat Khan recognized the importance of accomplishment through finding our note. He called it Mastery Through Accomplishment. In this week long class, we will explore the process he described intensively both in a large group and in smaller groups. The teachings are most useful when you apply them to a specific tangible goal in your life. The aim of the class is to help you develop a plan that you can take home and carry out using what you have learned. Everyone has a purpose in life and working with these teachings eventually leads you to discover the larger purpose of your life.

Hassan Suhrawardi Gebel

Hassan Suhrawardi Gebel dreamed of becoming a writer since childhood. The journey of life took him through many careers including astrophysicist, improvisational actor, alternative psychotherapist, and Secretary General of the Sufi Order International. Retirement freed him to make a study of the Sufi teachings about the purpose of life and to make progress with the purpose of his own life by completing a book based on those teachings, Root Speaks to Bud. He has continued exploring purpose in its larger context with a second book, Nature’s Hidden Dimension, Envisioning the Inner Life of the Universe.