The Body as an Expression of Love

Week 3A  August 2nd–8th 2020
Seminar with Robin Becker


In the Sufi Tradition, all of creation is considered an expression of divine love.

The challenge, the invitation, and the great gift of our physical incarnation is that we can develop an embodied consciousness.

In this workshop, we will investigate how our physical bodies are the expression of love deeply linked to an ancient process. Life as we know it comes into our awareness through the sensitive response of the body. The more we offer attention to this inner world of movement and sensation, the more we can bring new information into consciousness. Our spiritual experiences become known to us through the refined sensory response of the human heart. Our thoughts begin as sensations deep within the body. Love and compassion are born and experienced from within. When we learn to trust and offer attention to the nature of the body as movement, we can directly experience our essential participation in the life of the planet, as well as, the endless possibilities and shapes of love emerging, expanding and unfolding as ourselves.

We will integrate the somatic practice Continuum with the perspectives of the Sufi Tradition. In Continuum, the body is understood as a boundless process of fluid movement rather than form. Our water-filled bodies are liquid crystalline structures designed to carry, receive and transmit vibration. Through the waves of the air, the vibration of sound, the rays of the sun, and the spiraling growth of plants, all exchange of information both within the body and throughout the larger universe is communicated through the universal language of movement.

If you are longing for renewal and restoration, please join us for 5 days of embodied inquiry and discovery.

This seminar is appropriate and safe for everyone at all levels of movement capacity. No previous movement experience is required

Robin Becker

Robin Becker is a teacher, dancer and choreographer. She has performed with the Martha Graham Dance Company, the Eleo Pomare Dance Company, and with her own dance company of which she has been the artistic director for fifteen years.  In the U.S. she has served on the faculties of the Omega Institute, American Ballet Theatre, the High School of the Performing Arts in New York City and Hofstra University. Her work is deeply influenced by twenty years of study within the Sufi Order International, and by Continuum, a visionary field of movement education of which she is an authorized Teacher. Robin has been integrating movement, artistic expression, spirituality and healing throughout her professional career. She leads workshops on creativity and improvisation and is committed to working with people as they seek a deeper connection to life through the body.