The Sound of the Heart

Week 3C  August 2nd–8th 2020
Workshop with Monika Fatima Bi Grieger and Sina Alireza Gheisari

Music is a miniature of the harmony of the whole universe, for the harmony of the universe is life itself, and humans, being a miniature of the universe, show harmonious and inharmonious chords in their pulsations, in the beat of their hearts, in their vibration, rhythm and tone. Their health or illness, their joy or discomfort, all show the music or lack of music in their life.”  – Hazrat Inayat Khan

Each heart vibrates in its own unique sound. Reviving this sound leads to new life, to happiness and harmony. With our invocations we strike the heart like a gong and make it resonate. In silence we listen to the sound of our hearts, to be in harmony with the divine harmony, the harmony of the cosmos.

The center of every being is the heart. With our chants, invocations, zikr and sama we circle in ecstasy around this center. We circle it in devotion and reverence to encounter the sacred in the depth of our heart.

We share meditation, prayers, invocations and silence. We immerse ourselves in Sufi music and poetry following Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi, Hafiz and Saadi, and we embark on a journey to our heart, to finally arrive at the heart of the heart.

Monika Fatima Bi Grieger

Monika Fatima Bi Grieger is the founder and leader of the Sufi Centre Omega in Zürich. As senior teacher in the Inayati Sufi Tradition and Semazen (whirling derwish) in the Mewlewi Tradition she has a special relation to the dance of the whirling dervishes, which she teaches as the prayer of the heart. Since over 30 years Fatimabi is guiding people into a spirituality full of ecstasy, depth and freedom.

Sina Alireza Gheisari

Sina, born on 6. 1. 1991 in Shiraz, Iran into a Sufi family, has studied music since he was eight years old. He plays various instruments such as the Persian Ney, Setar and Oud and learned the Koran, as well as poems by Hafiz, Saadi and Rumi from his mother, who is a Sufi teacher of Sufi poetry and literature. He has a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from Shiraz University. Sina composed music for films, theatre and concerts. He has been traveling around the world for two years.